Thank you for visiting and being a part of this community! We are an ever expanding community of herbalists, medicinal herb farms, healers, and plant lovers here to provide access to local medicine and local knowledge. Keep checking back as we add more and more farms, and interview more herbalists, authors, and plant knowledge holders!

In many sacred circles and communities there are some covenants that are established so that other members feel a part of a safe place. This website has been created so that all can enter and learn or grow in a way that allows them to stay true to their own path.
In order to do this I have allowed all the information to flow freely from the ā€œIā€ place of the farmer, herbalists, healer, and all others I have interviewed. In no way is this knowledge meant to cure or fix any problems that you may seek, and in no way is the knowledge meant to change you. I do, however, invite you to take whatever wisdom calls to you. It was meant for you to see and for you to process in your own way.
ā€œIā€ feel that the beauty of life is in the diversity of people, beliefs, and plants on this beautiful planet. There will always be duality found on your path and the opinions and thoughts will be a constant ebb and flow and ever changing. May your mind and heart stay open to what they may receive here. May this site bless you!
Deep Gratitude is extended from my heart to yours for being a part of this community!